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About The Ministry


The Ministry draws its mandate from the portfolio functions as outlined in the   Government Gazette Notice No. 836 of 2016 which outlines the portfolio functions of the Ministry as follows:

  1. Child Development;
  2. Child Policy;
  3. Co-ordination of Sports Organisations;
  4. Co-ordination of Youth Organisations;
  5. Sports Development;
  6. Sports Policy;
  7. Street Children;
  8. Youth Entrepreneurship;
  9. Youth Policy; and
  10. Youth Skills Development.


  1. National Youth Development Council;
  2. National Sports Council of Zambia; and
  3. Zambia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board.


  1. National Youth Development Council Act Chapter 144 of the Laws of Zambia;
  2. National Sports Council of Zambia Act Chapter 142 of the Laws of Zambia;
  3. Professional Wrestling and Boxing Control Act No. 33 of 2010;


  1. Youth Resource Centres;
  2. Youth Development Centres (Resettlement Schemes)
  3. King George VI National Youth College;
  4. Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Associations;
  5. Chikumbi Child Care Centre( Chikumbi Children’s Home);
  6. Mufulira Child Care Centre.(Mufulira Children’s Home);
  7. Kimasala Reading and Recreation Centre;
  8. Olympic Youth Development Centre;
  9. Levy Mwanawasa Stadium; and
  10. National Heroes Stadium.


“To effectively promote, coordinate and monitor child, youth and sports development in order to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development for the benefit of the people of Zambia”.


  1. To achieve increased numbers of modern sports infrastructure and equipment at National, Provincial and District levels for enhanced sports development.”
  2. To achieve increased access to quality youth  and child programmes at provincial and district levels in order to reduce vulnerability and poverty among the youth  and children
  3. To increase accessibility to rights of children in order to enhance their survival, protection and development”


  1. To develop, implement and support youth empowerment initiatives for active youth participation and sustainable National Development.
  2. To ensure that there is adequate modern infrastructure at district, provincial and national levels for youth, sport and child development.
  3. To effectively coordinate and manage the implementation of youth, sports and child development programmes.
  4. To coordinate the formulation and review of policies and legislation in order to provide a framework for effective implementation of youth, sports, children programmes.
  5. To effectively and efficiently plan, monitor and evaluate the implementation of child, youth and sports programmes in order to ensure realization of set goals and targets
  6. To effectively and efficiently manage and develop human resources in order to enhance individual and organizational performance
  7. To provide financial, administrative and logistical support services in order to enhance the operations and implementation of the Ministry’s programmes


 The Ministry is made up of four Departments, namely:-

  1. Department of Human Resources and Administration;
  2. Department of Youth Development;
  3. Department of Sport Development; and
  4. Department of Child Development.