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The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development is at the New Government Complex along Independence Avenue, Lusaka, and occupies the 11th and 15th floors. The Office of the Minister, Permanent Secretary and Director of Human Resources and Administration are located on the 11th Floor while the Child, Youth and Sport Departments are on the 15th floor. 

The 2014 to 2016 Strategic Plan forms the basis for the development of programmes and budgeting. The Plan has seven (07) objectives which are:-

  • To develop, implement and support youth empowerment initiatives for active youth participation and sustainable National Development.
  • To provide and maintain adequate modern sports infrastructure at school, district, provincial and national levels in order to increase citizens’ participation.
  • To efficiently coordinate and manage the implementation of sports development programmes in order to enhance excellence and professionalism in sport.
  • To coordinate the formulation and review of policies and legislation in order to provide a framework for effective implementation of sports and youth programmes.
  • To effectively and efficiently plan, monitor and evaluate the implementation of youth and sports programmes in order to ensure realization of set goals and targets.
  • To effectively and efficiently manage and develop human resources in order to enhance individual and organizational performance.
  • To provide financial, administrative and logistical support services in order to enhance the operations and implementation of the Ministry’s programmes.


The mandate of the Ministry of Youth and Sport as outlined in the Gazette Notice No. 183 of March, 2012 involves:-

(i) Sports Policy;

(ii) Youth Policy;

(iii) Sports Development;

(iv) Coordination of Youth Organizations; and

(v) Coordination of Sports Organizations.

However, there has been a change in Government Structure with some Ministries being abolished and new ones being created. Thus, the Ministry of Youth and Sport was abolished and the new one is now called the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development. This means that the Ministry has three portfolio functions to preside over.

Structure of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Child Development

The Ministry comprises three (4) Departments which are:-

(i) Human Resource and Administration;

(ii) Sports Development; and

(iii) Youth Development

(iv) Child Development

There are four (4) Acts of Parliament under the administration of the Ministry and these are the:-

(i) National Sports Council of Zambia Act N. 15 of 1997;

(ii) National Youth Development Council Act No. 7 of 1986;

(iii) Zambia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board Act No. 13 0f 1994; and

(iv) Boy Scouts and Girl Guides Act No. 123 of 1963.

Other Institutions Under the Ministry of Youth and Sport

The other institutions under the Ministry of Youth and Sport are seventeen (17) Youth Resource Centres and King George VI National Youth College in Kabwe. These institutions provide basic skills to the youth such as tailoring, carpentry, agriculture, hospitality, plumbing and bricklaying.

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